Located inside a renovated supersonic wind tunnel at ArtCenter College of Design’s South Campus, B3 houses many of the Advanced Transmedia Classes in the Graphic Design Department. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we migrated to remote learning for the Spring 2020 term, leaving behind our classroom. This site recreates our classroom space, allowing us to situate our final projects within a virtual version of the space, and enabling our students to reach a wider audience.

Professor Brad Bartlett, Director of Transmedia
Roy Tatum, Transmedia Faculty

Special Thanks:
Dinamo, Switzerland
Ivan Cruz, Transmedia Faculty
Christopher Taylor, Teaching Assistant, BFA 2020
Danny Gray, Teaching Assistant, BFA 2020
Sharon Park, Teaching Assistant, BFA 2020
Taka Iwai, Teaching Assistant, BFA 2020
Chelsea Le, BFA anticipated 2021