LA Phil
Abigail Dergazarian

The Los Angeles Philharmonic is an American Orchestra based in Los Angeles, California. Commonly referred to as “The L.A. Phil,” it operates with the intention of integrating 21st century music into it’s works and has been called one of the most forward thinking, contemporary and innovative orchestras in America.

Currently The Phil is being lead by Gustavo Dudamel who is world renowned for his progressive approach to classical music. This emphasis on having a strong choice of leadership was the driving concept behind my design and logo choice when rebranding the entity. My logo is derived from the baton that the conductor uses to instruct their musicians to stay on beat. I channeled the slope of the baton as it makes an upbeat motion as a symbolic gesture to the developing nature of the genre while still paying homage to it's long established history and tradition.

For this project I questioned what we naturally associate with music. I also began to consider the possibility of it’s evolving relationship with technology and how that could propel the genre into a new space. Although not classically trained in music myself, I tried to learn as much as I could while also utilizing means of design not traditionally associated with it like code and 3D modeling. Through this I hope to bring the L.A. Phil into a new age of growth and energy.

Epochs of Classical Music

‘Epochs of Classical Music’ is the theme for the Spring season of the LA Philharmonic. Each month the Philharmonic would offer a lineup of performances based in a specific epoch of Classical Music’s history. Each period was given a specific color palette and identity that was integrated into the overarching proposal for the installation.